Femoral stem Extractor

The extractor is used with all stems with a trunnion, after removal of the head. Extraction made easier.

 Extracteur universel de tige fémorale

  • Designed by our design office and manufactured in Europe.
  • To be used with all stems with a trunnion
  • Supplied with a pivoting slap hammer
  • Robust and intuitive device

Have a look on our brochure :

Brochure -Femoral stem extractor

Cup extraction system

Only one handle to use all starter and finishing blades.

Compact : one box for the complete kit.Kit extraction cupule

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Shorter operative time
  • Handling made easier

Have a look on our brochure :

Brochure – Cup Extraction system

  • Pour l’extraction d’une cupule avec insert …

  • … ou sans insert.

  • Préserve le capital osseux

  • Acetabular Cup Extraction System – Compact Kit

Intramedullary extraction set

Only one kit to extract all types and sizes of cannulated nails : femur, humerus, tibia, fibula, calcaneus …

Kit universel d'extraction de clou ORTHORIGINAL

  • Compact : 3 different extraction tips sizes to extract all sizes of cannulated nails.
  • Intuitive use :  shorter operative time.
  • Durable : Reusable tips – Robust design

Have a look on our Brochure :

Brochure – Intramedullary nail extractor

Screw extraction set

A simple and efficient solution for extraction of most Torx, hexagonal and cruciform screws.


Orthoriginal provide a compact screw extraction set for all type of screws :

  • Tips :  Torx, Hexagonal et Cruciform
  • 2 tips for broken screws (for small screws)
  • 1 tip for screws with a damaged head (for small screws)
  • Handle with AO fitting

Have a look on our brochure :

Brochure – Screw extraction set

EMER Set : Broken or damaged screw extraction set

A simple and compact solution for extraction of broken or damaged screws from Ø1.5mm to Ø7.0mm. Preserve bone stock.

This SOS extraction set is designed to peacefully face unexpected screw issues in the operating room, which are generally stressful and costly. It contains the following items :

  • Conical extraction tips
  • Screw shaft removal tips
  • Hollow reamer with optional guide rod.
  • A hook,a screw holding forceps and 3 different sizes of chisels.

Have a look on our brochure :

Brochure – EMER Set