Hip Hold

Lateral Patient Positioning Device

Positioning a patient properly on the operating table is critical for patient safety and comfort, surgeon and staff efficiency. The Hip Hold device facilitates this by providing a 2 point rigid fixation of the pelvis and keeping the patient stabilised in the lateral decubitus position throughout the surgical procedure. Hip Hold helps to :Aperçu HHVA

  • Provide accurate and reproducible patient and implant oriention
  • Provide stability of patient position throughout the procedure
  • Keep the abdomen free from external pressure during the procedure

The exact positioning and orientation of the acetabular component versus a well stabilised pelvis, is key for short and long term stability of the hip. Advances in technologies, new materials, and biomechanics have made it increasingly important for the orthopaedic surgeon to be able to accurately orientate the implant components in a reproducible fashion.   Hip Hold is available in two versions:


  • HIP HOLD Variable angle (ex HIP FIX Mark 1)

HIP Hold Variable Angle


  • HIP HOLD 90 (ex HIP FIX 2000)

HIP Hold 90

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Bone cerclage system
Câble de cerclage Evocable

  • Supplied sterile, packaged individually.
  • Two configurations available : regular cable or beaded cable.
  • Ancillary instruments available.

Consult our product catalogue for details regarding the instruments.

Indications : 

  • Periprosthetic fractures,
  • Prophylactic treatment,
  • Greater trochanter reattachment …

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Acetabular Cup Extraction System

The tool you need for your hip revisions : a compact kit for preservation of the patient’s bone stock.


The whole kit fits in one tray :Kit extraction cupule

  • A single handle for all the heads and blades
  • Less resources are mobilized for cleaning and sterilization
  • Make the operative planning easier

Download our brochure : 


Icon of BC140601-0999 Rev1 Cup Extraction System BC140601-0999 Rev1 Cup Extraction System (622.5 KiB)


  • Pour l’extraction d’une cupule avec insert …

  • … ou sans insert.

  • Préserve le capital osseux

  • Acetabular Cup Extraction System – Compact Kit

MIS OrthoConsult instruments set

Multipurpose instruments set for anterior or posterior mini-invasive approach.


  • Result of several years of surgical experience
  • A single tray for every approach
  • Usable for every hip range

  • Orthoconsult Orthoriginal

    Kit OrthoConsult

  • Orthoconsult Orthoriginal
  • Orthoconsult Orthoriginal
  • Orthoconsult Orthoriginal
  • Orthoconsult Orthoriginal

    Kit polyvalent MIS – ORTHOCONSULT

  • Gelpi Orthoconsult Orthoriginal

    Ecarteur de Gelpi

  • Orthoconsult Orthoriginal
  • Pince autostatique Orthoconsult Orthoriginal

    Pince autostatique à col de fémur

  • Ecarteur de Hohmann Orthoconsult Orthoriginal

    Ecarteur de Hohmann

  • Rétracteur coudé Orthoconsult Orthoriginal

    Rétracteur coudé

  • Rétracteur cobra Orthoconsult Orthoriginal

    Rétracteur cobra étroit

  • Poids 1kg Orthoconsult Orthoriginal

    Poids stabilisateur de 1kg

  • Clou épaulé Orthoconsult Orthoriginal

    Clou épaulé

  • Poignée en T Orthoconsult Orthoriginal

    Poignée en T pour clou

  • Règle à 45° Orthoconsult Orthoriginal

    Règle à 45° pour mini incisions

  • Extracteur de tête Orthoconsult Orthoriginal

    Extracteur de tête fémorale

  • Rape courbe Orthoconsult Orthoriginal

    Râpe courbe d’Adrian

  • Ciseau Adrian Orthoconsult Orthoriginal

    Ciseau d’Adrian

  • Impacteur Orthoconsult Orthoriginal

    Impacteur de tige

  • Ciseau emporte pièce Orthoconsult Orthoriginal

    Ciseau emporte-pièce

  Icon of Brochure OrthoConsult Brochure OrthoConsult (1.0 MiB)

Lefevre hip retractors

Ecarteurs de LefevreBased on a long experience of hip surgery, these retractors allow minimal damage on the muscular system of the patient while providing operating room personel optimum ergonomics during use.

  • New MIS approaches induce particularly important tensions in muscles. The distal shape of the retracors has been specially designed to minimize damage to soft tissue, thereby promoting a quick and painless rehabilitation of the patient.
  • These retractors are available in two configurations: rights profiles and bent profiles to suit better to the morphology of patients.

Self-retaining Chandler retractor

To optimize approaches … operate with free hands. The self-retaining Chandler retractor facilitates access regardless approach and prevent damage to soft tissues. Ecarteur auto-statique de Chandler

  • The self-retaining ratchet system leaves hands free, and allow the adjustment of the tension applied to the muscles of the patient, to provide optimal maintening.
  • The locking system will block the retractor in the desired position, and unlocking is done with a single finger.
  • The blades are available in 6 sizes, to suit better to the morphology of patients.
  • Easy assembly and removal.
  • Blades set up can be done independently, possibility to adapt two blades of different lengths.
  • Available sizes : 45mm, 60mm, 70mm, 85mm, 90mm, 100mm.
  • Optimized dimensions of the system to allow proper access to the surgical area.
  • For hip, knee, hand, foot surgery…