Magnetic nail impactor

A simple and robust design for knee surgery made to hold easily a nail with a magnet. As a result you limit the drop of nails during the operation.

I can be designed for different kind of nail. Contact us for more information. Impacteur de clou aimanté


Graduated chisels

Those chisels for tibial osteotomy are original and innovative. Graduations, with a strike plate provide shorter operation time and help to get a precise gesture.

Width available :

  • 10mm,
  • 15mm,
  • 20mm,
  • 25mm,
  • Other : contact us


Have a look on our brochure :

Brochure – Graduated chisels


Universal knee positioner :

  • Inclinix maintain the knee in position during the surgery in a quick and stable way .
  • Adjustable in height and inclinaison.
  • The lever allows a quick repositioning of the knee at the different steps of the surgery.



MCL Retractor – Unicondylar Knee

Protect the medial and lateral ligaments during knee arthroplasty.

  • Specifically designed to spread the lateral or medial ligaments during tibial resection and to help positioning the implants.
  • Especially indicated for mini-invasive surgery.
  • Helps access and approach during each phase of the surgery.
  • Convenient to use, for right and left sides.

  • MCL Retractor
  • MCL Retractor