Knee Fix

Universal knee positioner :

  • Enables the leg to be held bent in the required position, and easily repositioned.
  • Enables side rotation of the foot.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Does not need to be used with another leg positioner.
  • Easy and quick foot rotation.
  • Fully autoclavable, can be used in orthopaedic and ligamentoplasty.
  • Also recommended in mini invasive surgery : wide access to every parts of the knee enabled by the various flexion angles.


Icon of Knee Fix - Manuel d'utilisation Knee Fix – Manuel d'utilisation (107.1 KiB)


Universal knee positioner :

  • Inclinix maintain the knee in position during the surgery in a quick and stable way .
  • Adjustable in height and inclinaison.
  • The lever allows a quick repositioning of the knee at the different steps of the surgery.



MCL Retractor – Unicondylar Knee

Protect the medial and lateral ligaments during knee arthroplasty.

  • Specifically designed to spread the lateral or medial ligaments during tibial resection and to help positioning the implants.
  • Especially indicated for mini-invasive surgery.
  • Helps access and approach during each phase of the surgery.
  • Convenient to use, for right and left sides.

  • MCL Retractor
  • MCL Retractor