Innomed Instrumentation

ORTHORIGINAL now distributes INNOMED products : more than 350 instruments to fulfill every need of orthopaedic surgery.

Most of the instruments are designed by surgeons who encountered specific issues during surgery and develop their own technique to overcome them. Innomed products are safe, easy to use and lasting. Their are of the highest quality to ensure patient and surgeon security.

Find out more about Innomed products for orthopaedic surgery by downloading the complete catalogue :

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Hanche - Inomed InstrumentationTo position and stabilize the patient : support systems …

(see also : Hip Hold)

To ease your surgery : frames, retractors, pliers, ancillary suited to the different patient morphologies and surgeries.

For more precision during operations : measuring and targeting devices, extractors, osteotomes …


Icon of Catalogue INNOMED - Positionnement et exposition de la hanche Catalogue INNOMED – Positionnement et exposition de la hanche (17.6 MiB)

Icon of Catalogue INNOMED - Hanche - Première intention & révision Catalogue INNOMED – Hanche – Première intention & révision (20.7 MiB)

KneeInnomed - Genou

For the comfort and efficiency of all the medical staff : a wide choice of extractors, pliers, retractors, support systems, optimized for knee surgery.


Icon of Catalogue INNOMED - Genou Catalogue INNOMED – Genou (25.7 MiB)

Shoulder and elbowInnomed - Epaule et coude

For orthopaedic shoulder and elbow surgeries, a range of retractors, support systems, hooks, revision instruments …





Foot and handInnomed - Pieds et mains

For extremities specific surgeries : bone impactors, goniometer, pliers, hooks, curettes, tendon instruments …


Icon of Catalogue INNOMED - Pied, main & petits os Catalogue INNOMED – Pied, main & petits os (8.3 MiB)

SpineInnomed - Rachis

For spinal surgeries : pliers, forceps, retractors, curettes …


Icon of Catalogue INNOMED - Rachis & Trauma Catalogue INNOMED – Rachis & Trauma (6.8 MiB)




To increase precision of your trauma surgeries : retractors, pliers, support systems, mallet, gouge, specifically designed for different morphologies and both conventional and mini-invasive approches.

New products

Innomed regularly offer new instruments, designed, tested and validated by surgeons.


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